'We Were Made To Love' - John Legend music video (2013)

Lifecast of John Legend in plaster, black wax & foam

Braces dental appliances for bank commercial (2013)

On set

Dental appliances on vacuform

Dentures for '666 Park Ave' TV show on ABC (2013)

Dental appliances for character played by Thomas Kopache
co-designed with and for David Presto

'UMBA' music video (2013)

Screen grabs from music video
directed by Fabien Coupez
makeup applications assisted by Lisa Forst

Sculpts of prosthetics

Ezra Marshall on set

'Alien Days' music video for MGMT (2012)

Screen grabs from music video Directed by Sam Fleischner and Megha Barnabas

Concept sketch over Georgina Pazcoguin Loosely based on Shawn Maximo's 'Still Cruising' designs

Sculpts and a silicone casting of alien mask prosthetics 

Assisted by Eli Livingston, Brandon Grether and Lisa Forst

Ben Goldwasser in age makeup

Sculpts and silicone castings of age makeup prosthetics

On set and in process...

FOOSBALL - figures for Oliver Clegg (2012)

Clay sculpts
Moldmaking process

Version 2.0 for private collectors (2014)Assisted by Shinya Hamano 

The artist & wife at play Images Copyright Oliver Clegg © 2011 / Nicolas Lavrov Studio 

Digital design for Obama likeness makeup (2012)

(Digital design in middle made over photo on right)

Roughed out sculpture over actor's lifecast

Side-by-side comparison (far right is actor's lifecast before clay is added)

Bald cap form in progress

Silicone severed head for Sean Metelerkamp music video(2012)

Silicone boobs for The Performers (2012)

The hilarious Jenni Barber wearing my silicone boobs 
Costume design by Jessica Shay 
The Performers 2012 on Broadway

Jenni Barber, Henry Winkler & Alicia Silverstone
image by Sara Krulwich

sculpts: too small, too big, just right

silicone casting 

Various effects for Michael Angelo's 'Carlos Christo' (2012)

screen grabs from the short film

on set


Mitt Romney likeness makeup for Dustin Gold Entertainment

Jim Gossett as Mitt Romney 
Silicone forehead + chin + nose tip, + lace eyebrows. 
Lace eyebrows by Chelsea Roth
Custom hand-tied wig by Susan Woods.
Makeup designed, sculpted, molded & applied by me.
Commissioned by Dustin Gold, 2012.



Work for The Nutty Professor (2012)

stretchy silicone arms

quick change hairy arms

Julius Kelp dental appliances

on stage

Wig design sketches for Samuel L Jackson's character in Django Unchained(2012)

digital sketches(2011)

Ayotollah Ali Khameneni latex mask for Iran 180˚ (NYC, September 2012)

WED clay sculpture

latex mask

2nd casting (with better glasses)

Marvelous Fishman project by Nisan Dag (NYC, May 2012)

W.I.P. sculpture

on set

early digital design

sculpture with chin separated


webbed finger sculpture & prosthetics